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Dear friend,

It will be no news to you that one of the easiest way to make money online is by selling softwares.

But if you have been online for more than a few weeks you have probably come across the following issues:

And I use to have to have to have the same issues...

.. but fortunately for you today, it doesn't have to be this way anymore.

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GraphixMagix Is The Ultimate Premium PLR Software
I released GraphixMagix as a WSO last month and

without any hard promotion it sold 1,000 copies in 5 days (you can still see the thread here)

In fact, have a look for yourself at the exact sales data for GraphixMagix:

And while it was not my original attention to make it a PLR version available,

(I was thinking of keeping the exclusivity to myself)

given the sheer ammount of requests I decided to make this available for a limited time

In fact if you consider the following facts:

Then you will agree that GraphixMagix is a product you can profit from

.. And today I want to do something special.. I want YOU to...

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As A Premium PLR Owner You can:

As you can see this is the closest thing to a license to print money you will probably see today

And that's not all. You see I really wanted you to be able to start reselling GraphixMagix in minutes

So on top of getting the right to resell the software you will also get...

Your Own Professional Sales Page...
Unbranded Sales Page To Start Making Money

Click here to preview the sales page

Simply upload this sales page on your website, add your payment link and

start reselling GraphixMagix to your visitors right away!

... And Instant Access For Your Buyers
Everything Is Pretty Much Done-For-You

As you can see I tried to make it as easy as possible for you to get started right away...

Here Is What You Get Today
You Are Only One Step Away
  • PLR Rights!

    With the PLR Rights you can access and modify the source code, resell for $17+ or add to your membership site!
  • Full Source Code

    GraphixMagix PLR comes with all source code files, so you will be able to edit and customize any files inside, including the software.
  • Only 50 Ever Sold

    There will be only 50 PLR licenses sold, ever! So this means that you will be part of a very seleclt group of PLR license owners.
  • Pro Designs

    We have spent hours crafting and designing GraphixMagix PLR so that all your customers will be wowed by your new product.
  • Free 30 Min Call

    If you need any help or advice with how to best resell GraphixMagix simply contact me and we'll set a free 3O minutes strategy call.
  • FREE Support

    Need any help? We offer support Monday to Friday anytime via email and on Skype. Feel free to get in touch if you need any help!

Sounds pretty fair? Here is how you can get started today

But remember this offer is VERY limited and likely to sell out minutes from now

GraphixMagix PLR Edition

Get instant access to GraphixMagix Premium PLR for $297 $147 only. After ordering you will be taken to your download page and you will get instant access to GraphixMagix PLR and training material.

Simply click on the order button to get started now, it’s simple, easy and 100% secure.

P.S. Please remember, this offer is only limited to 50 24 PLR license owners and is likely to sell out
in the next 3 hours at most and that it may be gone by the time you refresh this page.

You owe it to yourself to try it - especially considering you only need to resell 10 copies of this product at $27
to start making a very healthy profit with this proven high-grossing product (10 copies x $27 = $270).

Simply click on the buy button above to get started now, it's simple, easy and 100% secure.


Where can I learn more about the original GraphixMagix?
Head over to the official Warrior Forum sales page where it's still being sold or on the GraphixMagix website.

Is this easy to operate for a newbie / non-techie?
Yes sure, you can watch the training video for yourself here

When people buy is it delivered via membership site?
Right now it's delivered via a simple HTML page. In the next update we will integrate a membership software.

Can I see a demo of the sales page I am getting and software?
For sure. Click here to demo the sales page and software.

Can I translate it to my language?
Yes you can. If you send us the translation files our developers will code the translation for you.

Are you offering software support for my customers?
We will fix any bugs and technical issues. You will have to provide basic "level 1" support (which is not much, really)

Do my customers download the software directly from me?
Yes! Your customers never see my name or my company name.
You are 100% in control of your brand and revenues with this whitelabel.

Get GraphixMagix Premium PLR for $297 $147 only!